We have built our business with the intention of providing our patients access to better healthcare solutions while leveraging the communication technology of our era.

Telemedicine is the future of healthcare for managing non emergent episodes.  Telemedicine has been around for over a decade but has been primarily limited to daily symptoms related to cough, cold flu, common illnesses.

During the last ten years, the healthcare system has been challenged due to the many regulatory changes effecting insurance reimbursement rates while limiting the scope of insurance covered products and services.  Reduced insurance reimbursement rates have created a mass decline in primary care providers.  This decline has since caused an impact towards the availability or patient access to doctors for common medications.

Our company is focused on patient advocacy and we are determined to assist patients during this access crisis.    We have worked hard to electronically wire up telemedicine doctor networks and specialty pharmacies all over the country that can faciliate and distribute medications of need in a streamlined fashion.

Our patient advocates work on a case by case basis to identify the needs of each patient, evaluate their insurance coverage and assist them in communicating with a telemedicine provider to gain prescription access  at a lower out of pocket expense. 

We take pride in our services and look forward to helping more patients everyday

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