Better Therapies

We utilize state of the art technology to align our patient's needs with best of class medical providers and medicinal therapies.

Account Executives


Our management team understands the challenges between hosting patient eccentric care and coordinating insurance plan reimbursements.  Patients often struggle to gain access to everyday pharmacy products and usually overburdened by a prescription plan with a high out of pocket co-pay or medications not covered by their insurance plan.  We strive to focus on our patients needs, align them with a physician and prescribe a therapy that will maximize their results with little to no co-pay options.

Intake Coordinators


Our staff of agents work as patient advocates to help identify each patient's unique medicinal needs, review their insurance plan and treatment goals.  At the patient's request, telemedicine providers are introduced to provide consultations and the appropriate medicinal therapy.

Telemedicine Doctor Networks


Our contracted doctor networks have licensed and insured physicians in virtually all 50 states that are capable of providing a telephone and/or teleconference medical consultation. 

Technology Partners


Our state of the art CRM platform incorporates a seamless integration of patient prospecting, insurance validation, medicinal options, telemedicine doctors, pharmacy and DME providers.

Pharmacy Partners


We are contracted with several nationwide pharmacy networks capable of fulfilling medications in virtually all 50 states.

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